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Motherson ist ein globaler Fertigungsspezialist und einer der weltweit führenden Automobilzulieferer. Unser Team besteht aus über 190 000 engagierten Fachkräften und betreut Kunden in 44 Ländern von über 400 Standorten aus.

Ergreifen Sie die Gelegenheit und erleben Sie die Atmosphäre eines globalen Unternehmens mit spannenden Projekten und außergewöhnlichen Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten.

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Quality Management
Quality Management
Production & Manufacturing

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Our engineers work directly with our customers throughout the entire process right from the drawing board to production.   A strong technical background, particularly in the automotive industry, electronics, electro-mechanics, power distribution, and/or wire harness assembly, is advantageous. We value creativity and an inventive approach as it allows our engineers to envision new and better solutions that will help both Motherson and our customers meet future challenges. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are also essential.

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Environment Health and Safety

Our Environmental Health and Safety team has a zero-tolerance policy for potentially hazardous situations or conditions in our facilities. They understand both internal safety protocols and all external local and national safety laws that apply to their facility. Candidates should have an uncompromising commitment to both anticipating and identifying unsafe conditions.

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Finance and Control

An opening in the Finance and Control function encompasses a variety of accounting, financial control, and treasury management responsibilities. Candidates must enjoy working with numbers and delivering timely analyses and information to various levels of management to aid in both local and global decision-making. In addition to preparing regular scheduled reports, this job also requires ad hoc reporting. Good communication and cooperation skills are essential as this position requires collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders.

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General Administration

General administration tasks vary depending on location and can include document management, travel arrangements, office management, and senior-level executive assistance. This position necessitates strong interpersonal skills as well as the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Our administrators are committed to completing tasks on time and in accordance with Group standards. Candidates with qualities such as dependability, a strong work ethic, accuracy, and attention to detail are ideal.

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Human Resources

The HR community promotes the group values and fosters a healthy work environment. The profile includes performance management, employee training and development, facilitating internal communication, and talent acquisition and retention. The HR team is also responsible for the health, safety and well-being of employees.

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Information Technologies

The IT department has a variety of positions available that require a current knowledge of the latest advances in hardware, software, data, and cybersecurity management, among other competencies. Strong communication skills are required for providing efficient internal and external technical support, as well as communicating and collaborating with customers about their hardware and software requirements. We value a hands-on attitude, a strong work ethic, attention to detail, as well as problem-solving abilities.

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The Logistics/Shipping/Scheduling Department ensures both timely dispatch and delivery to customers. Team members are responsible for maintaining inventory levels, optimising lot sizes and freight costs, and scheduling deliveries to meet the needs of our customers.
Knowledge of ERP/MRP and EDI as well as familiarity with the industrial environment are advantageous.
Candidates should be good at communication, organisation and planning. The ability to work under pressure is advantageous as the Logistics Department is frequently required to find quick solutions to problems that arise in the global supply chain.

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Working on the shop floor requires dexterity, physical fitness, and a knack for working with machinery. We are looking for people to work on the preparation and assembly of wire harnesses and cables, as well as related electrical and mechanical parts. We also have openings for various support positions, such as tooling and equipment maintenance and production team leaders.

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The Purchasing Department's responsibilities include coordinating the flow of orders to ensure on-time deliveries, vendor management, and contract negotiations in direct and indirect sourcing. Members of the Purchasing Department maintain operational relationships with suppliers and optimise purchases and contracts which requires cooperation and coordination across various divisions of the group.
Attributes that are needed are a  positive attitude, excellent communication skills, and the ability to positively influence others.

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The Quality Department supports the implementation and continuous improvement of quality management systems, conducts process and product audits. Team members respond to supplier and customer concerns while actively monitoring work on the shop floor to identify potential and actual quality issues. Candidates should have knowledge of quality-assessment tools and have a systematic and analytical approach to problem-solving. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are also required.

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The Sales and Marketing team is responsible for both maintaining our existing customer base and identifying new business opportunities. Tasks include conducting market and customer analyses,  handling customer and contract negotiations and solving operational issues in collaboration with customers, product managers, and our engineering team. Candidates applying for this position must have a customer-oriented mindset, market knowledge, the ability to transform analysis into thoughtful advice and good decisions, and strong communication skills. 

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Motherson baut auf dauerhaften Beziehungen auf. Menschen sind die Grundlage unseres Erfolgs und wir pflegen lebenslange Verbindungen, die einen langfristigen Wert für unsere Teams, unsere Kunden und unsere Gemeinschaften schaffen.

Wir glauben, dass jeder Mensch Außerordentliches erreichen kann. Wir schätzen und fördern den Wunsch, jeden Tag zu lernen, zu wachsen und sich zu verbessern.

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